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Credit Policy

The screen caps here are ususally named #### and you should unzip them to their own  individual folders otherwise they will overwrite each other.

Additionally, the sample thumbnails have been resized, so click on them to see the original.

If you’re using the caps to make a few icons or a header for your site or journal, then credit is nice, but not absolutely necessary. If you’re going to use the caps to do something like icons100, then I’d appreciate a link back.

If you’re going to use a lot of caps or display them on your own website/fansite, then please credit me, and provide a link back to this site. If you like them, leave a comment, it takes a lot less time for you to comment than it does for me to cap these movies.

If you would like to credit, please feel free to use the following links:

Use a text link:

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Or use a button to link back here.
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